About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12080 Col.Nr.: 89990 Composition: 60%GF-20%PA-15%PU-5%EL End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with reflective surface, wind repellent, for visibility and protection, also as fashionable medium.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12518 Col.Nr.: 77080 Composition: 100%PA bluesign® End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: unelastic zero weight fabric with water repellent function, representing airiness and smallest package volume, for transparent cover jackets.

e1 Absorption

About this fabric e1 Absorption Art.Nr.: E11362 Col.Nr.: 58013 Composition: 100%PES End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Bike Fashion active urban wear Leisure Conception: classical 2-way-stretch circular knit piqué with hydrophilic effect, controls bacteria, breathable, as base layer quality for shirts an ideal knit version.


About this fabric schoeller®-dryskin Art.Nr.: 67173 Col.Nr.: 95520 Composition: 66%PA-29%PA (Micro)-5%EL soft-shell, bluesign® End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Leisure Mountaineering Urban Bike Conception: 4-way-stretch fabric with two-tone mélange with black, moisture controlling, UV stop, water repellent, for commuter clothing and travelling.


About this fabric schoeller®-shape Art.Nr.: 66060 Col.Nr.: 089609 Composition: 67%CO-31%PA-2%EL bluesign® Technology coldblack® End use: Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch denim with the function of coldblack, breathable, stain repellent, UV stop, water repellent, ideally for higher temperatures in the urban space.