About this fabric schoeller®-shape Art.Nr.: 46618 Col.Nr.: 98550 Composition: 59%WO-27%PU-12%PES-2%EL Merino, mulesing free Technology c_change™ End use: Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with the function of c_change™,  yarn-dyed woolen mélange quality breathable, moisture controlling, stain repellent, UV stop, water repellent, waterproof, wind repellent clean design for functional men’s suit.


About this fabric schoeller®-WB-400 Art.Nr.: 6807 Col.Nr.: 65314 Composition: 53%PA-25%CO-19%PU-3%EL soft-shell Technology: ecorepel_Bio End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Urban Bike Conception: in between seasonal 2-way-stretch fabric with wind and water repellent function, comfort and performance in elegant form, for lightweight anoraks and progressive parka shapes.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12441 Col.Nr.: 70301 Composition: 100%PA bluesign® Technology: ecorepel_Bio End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: ultra light woven nylon quality; a parachute inspired design with pleasing smooth and fresh feel; representing airiness and smallest package volume, all-season utilisable.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12399 Col.Nr.: 95713 Composition: 86%PA-7%PU-7%EL bluesign®, cool fabric Technology: schoeller®-PCM End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: Conception: 2-way-stretch lightweight fabric with cooling function and refined steely two-tone effect, breathable, water repellent, wind repellent.


About this fabric schoeller®-dryskin Art.Nr.: 67320 Col.Nr.: 96650 Composition: Composition: 59% PA, 34% PES (Micro), 7% EL bluesign® Technology: 3XDRY® Bio End use: Garments (jackets, pants, etc.) Fashion Leisure Yogawear Conception: 4-way-stretch multicolored soft-shell with the feelgood technology 3XDRY® Bio: advanced-moisture-management, hydrophilic/hydrophobic, fast drying, breathable, water repellent, abrasion resistant


About this fabric schoeller®-shape Art.Nr.: 12458 Col.Nr.: 82420 Composition: 50% PA, 26% PES, 16% PU, 8% EL Technology: energearTM End use: Lightweight Top-Layers Fashion Active Leisure Urban Biking Conception: 4-way-stretch 3-layer fabric with ultralight membrane inside, plus energearTM technology which returns energy to the body, dynamic climate control, breathable, water proof and wind resistant, Raintest Pass

e1 Absorption

About this fabric e1 Absorption Art.Nr.: R11673 Col.Nr.: 89990 Composition: 62%PA-38%WO-Superwash bluesign®, washable wool, Merino, mulesing free End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: fine natural fiber to the skin with it‘ s moisture-absorbing natural, robust properties of polyamid on the surface, together in a double-face construction. For compact long-sleeves and light running jackets…


About this fabric schoeller®-dynatec Art.Nr.: 14963 Col.Nr.: 87950 Composition: 66%PA-20%PES-10%PU-4%EL Technology c_change™ End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Motorcycling Urban Bike Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with robust and strong exterior, but very soft to the touch with the comfort of stretch and c_change® function, abrasion resistant, breathable, fall protection, moisture controlling, water and wind repellent, waterproof; perfectly…