About this fabric schoeller®-WB-formula Art.Nr.: 12430 Col.Nr.: 89990 Composition: 65%PA-28%PU-7%EL bluesign® Technology: c_change®, ecorepel_Bio End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Urban Bike Conception: functional lightweight but exceptionally durable 4-way-stretch fabric with the benefits of the proven c_change®-technology, representing lightness and all-weather protection for progressive top layers.


About this fabric schoeller®-naturetec Art.Nr.: 59378 Col.Nr.: 88100 Composition: 84%PA-8%WO(Merino)-8%EL soft-shell, bluesign®, washable wool, Merino, mulesing free Technology: ecorepel_Bio End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Urban Bike Conception: 4-way-stretch fabric with water repellent function, moisture management due to double weave construction, with temperature-regulating properties of wool on the inside and the advantage of synthetic…


About this fabric schoeller®-dynatec Art.Nr.: 14963 Col.Nr.: 89990 Composition: 66%PA-20%PES-10%PU-4%EL Technology c_change™ End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Motorcycling Urban Bike Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with robust and strong exterior, but very soft to the touch with the comfort of stretch and c_change® function, abrasion resistant, breathable, fall protection, moisture controlling, water and wind repellent, waterproof; perfectly…


About this fabric schoeller®-shape Art.Nr.: 66060 Col.Nr.: 081610 Composition: 67%CO-31%PA-2%EL bluesign® Technology: coldblack® End use: Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch denim with the function of coldblack, breathable, stain repellent, UV stop, water repellent; ideally for higher temperatures in the urban space.