About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12512 Col.Nr.: 57004 Composition:89%PA-10%PU-1%ALU bluesign® End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisur Conception: unelastic lightweight fabric with metallic effect, breathable, water repellent, wind repellent.


About this fabric schoeller®-naturetec Art.Nr.: 59372 Col.Nr.: D92830 Composition: 42%PA-39%PES-14%WO(Merino)-5%EL soft-shell, bluesign®, washable wool, Merino, mulesing free End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Leisure Conception: 4-way-stretch fabric with water repellent function, moisture management due to double weave construction, with temperature-regulating properties of wool on the inside, printed woolen optic on the outside with the advantage of synthetic fiber.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12413 Col.Nr.: D93160 Composition: 100%PES End use: Garments Fashion Leisure Conception: transfer printed spacer mesh, honeycomb-structured, with architecturally inspired optic, breathable, water repellent, compact and shape-retaining quality for oversized styles or partial usage.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12404 Col.Nr.: 96370 Composition: 86%PA-7%PU-7%EL bluesign®, warm fabric Technology schoeller®-PCM End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch lightweight fabric with warming function and steely two-tone effect, breathable, water repellent, wind repellent.

e3+ Protection Plus

About this fabric e3+ Protection Plus Art.Nr.: W73969 Col.Nr.: 12260 Composition: 65%PUR-35%PES End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Bike Fashion Running Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric, lightness and all-weather protection, breathable, waterproof, wind repellent, hydrophobic, useful as light rain jacket, parka or bicycle jackets.


About this fabric schoeller®-shape Art.Nr.: 46919 Col.Nr.: 97570 Composition: 71%WO-18%PES-11%PU Merino, mulesing free Technology  c_change™ End use: Fashion Leisure Conception: unelastic fabric with the function of c_change™,  yarn-dyed woolen mélange quality, breathable, moisture controlling, stain repellent, UV stop, water repellent, waterproof, wind repellent for robust functional jackets or overcoats, in the city or for travelling.


About this fabric schoeller®-dynatec Art.Nr.: 14963 Col.Nr.: 75708 Composition: 66%PA-20%PES-10%PU-4%EL Technology c_change™ End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Motorcycling Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with robust and strong exterior, but very soft to the touch with the comfort of stretch and c_change™ function, abrasion resistant, breathable, fall protection, moisture controlling, water repellent, waterproof, wind repellent, perfectly suitable for commuter clothing.

e3 Protection

About this fabric e3 Protection Art.Nr.: W63790 Col.Nr.: V52002 Composition: 45%PES-44%PA-11%EL (Lycra) soft-shell End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Ski thermal insulation Conception: laminated 4-way-stretch fabric with satin look, breathable, heat retention, moisture controlling, water repellent, wind repellent, for fashionable winter/ski jackets or pants.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12080 Col.Nr.: 89990 Composition: 60%GF-20%PA-15%PU-5%EL End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: 2-way-stretch fabric with reflective surface, wind repellent, for visibility and protection, also as fashionable medium.


About this fabric schoeller®-spirit Art.Nr.: 12518 Col.Nr.: 77080 Composition: 100%PA bluesign® End use: Garments (jackets, pants etc.) Fashion Leisure Conception: unelastic zero weight fabric with water repellent function, representing airiness and smallest package volume, for transparent cover jackets.